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S.T. Dupont | Defi Collection
The Defi(*Challenge* in English) tests the laws of gravity and tradition, and declares war on the blank page. Behind its purity, this new writing weapon challenges excess, and features streamlined and virile lines as the successful result of technological innovation. Like a fighter jet, the Defi is responsive and precise. The pen*s fuselage is constructed according to a unique and original design. The Defi has a perfect grip and a distinguished, contemporary design with a shape that blends with the new streamlined nib. It is power at your fingertips, with an ideal weight, which will allow the power of words to be put to paper. The perfectly-integrated sharp design of the clip allows the pen to be slipped into a pocket without the slightest hesitation, with a sure and assertive movement. The innovative dual-function model can be transformed in a single movement. This ingenious pen combines a second mode of writing to its 0.7 mm mechanical pencil function: ball-point pen (black, blue or red), stylus or orange highlighter. The fountain pen features a 304L steel nib, composed of chromium and nickel alloy, in medium and fine widths, cartridge/converter fill. Converter is not included.

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Black/Palladium finish - Fountain Pen(w/o converter)  (Reg: $550) shown
S.T. Dupont
Defi Collection
Pen Type: Fountain Pen(w/o converter) (Reg: $550)
(List: $550.00)  Our Price: $440.00

Nib Size

Black/Palladium finish - Rollerball  (Reg: $440) shown
S.T. Dupont
Defi Collection
Pen Type: Rollerball (Reg: $440)
(List: $440.00)  Our Price: $352.00
Black/Palladium finish - Ball Pen  (Reg: $300) shown
S.T. Dupont
Defi Collection
Pen Type: Ball Pen (Reg: $300)
(List: $350.00)  Our Price: $315.00

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