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David Oscarson | The Rosetta Stone Collection
The Rosetta Stone was created in 196 BC as a tribute to Ptolemy V who reigned over Egypt from 204-181 BC. The decree to Ptolemy V was written on the Stone in three languages; ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (language of the gods); Demotic script (language of documents); and ancient Greek which would provide the scholars of the 18th century the key needed to unlock the mysteries of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic text. The actual Rosetta Stone rests today in the British Museum of art. This collection is the first to incorporate moving parts; each barrel divided into three rotating sections representing the three languages inscribed on, and containing a portion of the inscriptions from, the original Rosetta Stone. Crafted from .925 Sterling Silver, the multiple levels of Diamond cut Guilloche engraving are combined with translucent and hard enamels. Each individual component is guilloche engraved and repeatedly kiln fired and filed by hand, resulting in the beautiful and enduring Hard Enamel finish celebrated in each magnificent pen. The fountain pens are enhanced with the Oscarson 18kt gold nib and are cartridge/converter fill; converter included. A combined total of 77 fountain pens and rollerballs are available in each finish.

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Translucent Stone Gray/Opaque Black, Red, & Blue finish - Fountain Pen shown e-mail me with this item's price
David Oscarson
The Rosetta Stone Collection
Translucent Stone Gray/Opaque Black, Red, & Blue
Pen Type:

Nib Size

Translucent Ruby/Opaque Black & Red finish - Fountain Pen shown e-mail me with this item's price
David Oscarson
The Rosetta Stone Collection
Translucent Ruby/Opaque Black & Red
Pen Type:

Nib Size

Tranlucent Sapphire/Opaque Black & Blue finish - Fountain Pen shown e-mail me with this item's price
David Oscarson
The Rosetta Stone Collection
Tranlucent Sapphire/Opaque Black & Blue
Pen Type:

Nib Size


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