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Solitaire Martele Collection
Montblanc is proud to announce the Martele Sterling Silver with 500 swinging facets that allow infinite light reflexion variations. This is the magic of the Martele. This traditional fine hammering technique is now brought to a new level thanks to refined milling technique allowing to the utmost precision and refined effect. The LeGrand fountain pen is available in M and F.

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Hammered Sterling Silver finish - LeGrand Fountain Pen (Reg: $1,660) shown e-mail me with this item's price
Solitaire Martele Collection
Hammered Sterling Silver
Pen Type: LeGrand Fountain Pen (Reg: $1,660)
E-mail me with this item's price

Nib Size

Hammered LeGrand Sterling Silver finish - LeGrand Rollerball  (Reg: $1,320) shown e-mail me with this item's price
Solitaire Martele Collection
Hammered LeGrand Sterling Silver
Pen Type: LeGrand Rollerball (Reg: $1,320)
E-mail me with this item's price
Hammered Mid-Size Sterling Silver finish - Ball Pen (Reg: $1,100) shown e-mail me with this item's price
Solitaire Martele Collection
Hammered Mid-Size Sterling Silver
Pen Type: Ball Pen (Reg: $1,100)
E-mail me with this item's price

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