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Visconti | Homo Sapiens Evolution Collection
The Visconti Homo Sapiens collection is designed according to mathematical rules stated in the "De Divina Proportione", illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci. In the west, geometry has given rise to a mathematical culture, incorporating numerology into every aspect of life. The decision to introduce a new addition to the Homo Sapiens collection with a metallic cap could not be achieved with simplistic finishes or traditional decorations. The Homo Sapiens Evolution collection embodies the fundamental archetypes of the geometric shape, celebrating the beginning of an intellectual adventure that continues to fascinate humanity. The Homo Sapiens Evolution features the shape and volcanic lava body of the iconic Homo Sapiens collection, with the addition of a unique metal cap. The cap, blind cap and grip section are all crafted with Galvanized Palladium. The fountain pen is equipped with the Visconti chromium steel nib, available in M, F, XF, B and Stub. Power filler.

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Black finish - Fountain Pen  shown
Homo Sapiens Evolution Collection
Pen Type: Fountain Pen
(List: $895.00)  Our Price: $716.00

Nib Size

Black finish - Rollerball shown
Homo Sapiens Evolution Collection
Pen Type: Rollerball
(List: $695.00)  Our Price: $556.00

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