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S.T. Dupont | Sword Hippocrate Collection
In the Sword Collection there is equally the Sword Hippocrates series. This collection uses black lacquer with gold finishes and pays tribute to the Greek Philosopher and the founding father of modern medicine, Hippocrates. Beneath the clip there is a snake engraved in the lacquer that represents the Rod of Asclepius, a medical symbol used worldwide. The fountain Pen is enhanced with a 14kt gold nib; available in M, F, XF and B. Cartridge/Converter fill (Included) The Collection is completed with a matching Rollerball and Ball Pen.

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Hippocrate    finish - Fountain Pen shown
S.T. Dupont
Sword Hippocrate Collection
Pen Type: Fountain Pen
(List: $795.00)  Our Price: $636.00

Nib Size

Hippocrate   finish - Rollerball shown
S.T. Dupont
Sword Hippocrate Collection
Pen Type: Rollerball
(List: $695.00)  Our Price: $556.00
Hippocrate    finish - Ball Pen shown
S.T. Dupont
Sword Hippocrate Collection
Pen Type: Ball Pen
(List: $595.00)  Our Price: $476.00

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