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Omas Limited Editions
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Omas Limited Editions
Ogiva Collection
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Ogiva Collection

Price: $360.00

The torpedo-shaped Ogiva is one of the classic OMAS models. Now reintroduced, this new version includes an upgraded high capacity brass piston-fill mechanism, which allows this pen to use any bottled fountain pen ink.

Ogiva Israel 75th Anniversary Collection
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Ogiva Israel 75th Anniversary Collection

Price: $360.00

The new OMAS Ogiva Israel 75th Anniversary Gold Limited Edition, available in gold or silver trim, is being produced in just 275 numbered pieces worldwide. Handcrafted cellulose acetate is used for the cap and barrel, and OMAS 14k solid gold nibs are available in Fine or Medium.

Paragon Collection
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Paragon Collection

Price: $875.00

The new OMAS Paragon utilizes one of the most beloved celluloid patterns created by this legendary Italian manufacturer. 14k nibs are available in Fine and Medium, and regrinds to finer tipping sizes are also available from us.

Paragon Lucen Collection
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Paragon Lucen Collection

Price: $876.00

Being produced in just 23 numbered pieces worldwide, the new OMAS Black Lucens Limited Edition features original translucent OMAS celluloid stock. Each pen is equipped with a 14k solid gold nib in your choice of Fine or Medium.


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